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September ScribblingsSeptember always feels like a second new year.  It’s the start of the academic year so everyone from 4 year olds to 18 year olds are off to school, college & uni. 

Your Facebook feed has probably been full of the obligatory child in uniform in front of a door selfie ;) Meanwhile the freshers are probably keeping their antics far away from parental ears..


It’s a really exciting time but can be pretty daunting too.  You’re surrounded by new people, in a new environment & often having to learn new things too. 


I don’t think it gets any easier when you’re an adult either.  I’m 34, someone who spends a lot of time speaking in front of groups of people & consider myself a confident person (some might say gobby ;) ) & yet I still get a bit uncomfortable meeting lots of new people in a group setting.


Joining Entrepreneurial Spark last month was incredible but terrifying - a room full of energised, fabulous, confident, switched on business owners.  The silly little voices in my head creep in at moments like this.  Am I good enough?  Do I belong here?  Where should I be going?  What if everyone thinks I’m a total div?  Ridiculous right?! but when that chimp brain starts chattering away, all sense of logic & reason goes out the window. 


My secret weapon at moments like this is red lippie (the current addiction is Chanel gloss in Pirate).  Sometimes you just need a couple of minutes to yourself in the ladies loo to gather your thoughts before sailing back into the wider word. 


personalised clutch bags


Which is why I loved these new leather handbags so much when I saw them & knew we had to have them in the shop!  The hidden message is for your eyes only, so when you are stood in front of the mirror, scrabbling in your bag for some lippie or mints, you’ll see the words of love, encouragement & inspiration and know that yes, you’ve got this handled 🙌

If you've got a secret tip for a confidence boost, share them in the comments below, I'm always looking for more tools for the armoury! 

personalised black clutch bag




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