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For those of us that are engaged, (or will be soon), weddings spark excitement and joy. For those of us who aren’t, well, we’ve always got our horses-who needs a man anyway?!

For those of you lucky enough to be planning your big day already, and have a love for both your future partner and your horse, why not combine the two? After all, your wedding is meant to reflect your personality, and if you love horses why not bring a touch of equestrian style into your big day?


The Venue

 The venue is perhaps the main focus of your big day. I’m not suggesting you get married in a barn (although it can be done!), but have a look at some of these ideas we found on the little touches you can do to create a “horsey feel”.


 Bales of hay covered with fabric to create a cute seating area. Could also be used for an outdoor wedding for guests to sit on!



Who said old Horseshoes were old and dirty? They make lovely decorative pieces, or table place names!


The Bridal Accessories

 As the bride you’re probably wondering how you can be horsey whilst walking up the aisle. If you wanted to wear muck boots when saying I do, I’m not going to stop you, however have a look at this gorgeous selection of jewellery that would compliment any wedding dress beautifully as well as adding a dash of horsiness.



 All Jewellery is available from YourGiftHorse.com and can be found here


Attending a Horsey Wedding?

 Everyone struggles to know what to get the bride and groom, and if you’re not a particular horsey person (I can't see why not), then this could make the task even harder! We have scoured the web (and Pinterest) for a few lovely horse related wedding gifts, which could save a lot of searching time for you!


 Wooden board and Initial: from Etsy.com
Photo Frame: £15.99 from YourGiftHorse
Mare & Foal: £47 from YourGiftHorse


See our Horse Wedding Gift Ideas collection here, and have a look through our range of horsey wedding inspired gifts!

So there you have it! Hopefully you’ve got a few inspirations for your upcoming horsey wedding! If you want to see more, give us a follow on Pinterest-we have a whole board dedicated to it!

 Alternatively follow our page (YourGiftHorse) on Pinterest, where we constantly update our boards with new horsey products and everything equestrian!

 Happy Weddings!



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