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Whether your significant other has four legs or two, we have your Valentines day covered. Guys, if you’re looking for inspiration on what to get your horse mad other half, then don’t leave just yet, you’re in the right place! It doesn’t have to be the most miserable day of the year; how? Just leave it to us…

You can begin with this gorgeous photo frame. Display your true love for all the world to see, in a stylish and contemporary horseshoe photo frame which comes with a glass cover so it stays protected forever. A great way to horsey up your home as well as add some sentimental memories!

Horse Shoe Frame 

You may all be under the impression that all equestrians prefer to be muddy than clean and glamorous… You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. Whilst we don’t mind getting our hands dirty, we also enjoy dressing up just as much as every other woman on this planet. Yes that’s right, get us jewellery and we will fall head over heels for you, and if it’s horsey jewellery, well, we might even call the vicar. Below are our favourite pieces of horsey jewellery, which we know will make your girlfriend’s jaw drop.

If you are more the kind of person who appreciates a tad more glitz and glamour then we also have the gift for you. Our rhodium plated horse necklace features a silver outline of an elegant horse head, inside a silver heart that is then hung from a fine silver plated chain. This is the perfect combination of romance and equestrian style, making it the PERFECT gift idea for that special horse mad gal in your life.


Additionally, if she prefers bracelets then we have a delicate and stylish snaffle accessory, which will add equestrian glamour to any of her outfits, even those covered in horse poo. Made from Sterling 925 Silver this bracelet is delicate and consists of conjoined snaffle bits, making it the ultimate equestrian style accessory. Attached using a lobster clasp, she can be sure it will never fall off, and can wear it with pride wherever she goes.

Now you may believe that getting a girl homeware for Valentines is simply out of the question. Whilst any sort of cleaning equipment is DEFINITELY inappropriate, it is however perfectly acceptable to get her a gorgeous decorative item which she will look at with fondness forever…

 Here at Your Gift Horse we have a fantastic selection of sculptures, all made with quality cold cast bronze resin so you get a realistic and beautiful design that you can showcase in your home to represent your inner equestrian. We have gorgeous sculptures of horses as well as dogs, perfect for the all round animal lover.



If you’ve seen something that takes your fancy, then do not delay; buy it! Valentines day is very soon, and you don’t want to wake up on the morning and have to pack your bags…


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