Our free caballo scarf offer went down an absolute treat, and because of this, we are doing it all over again except with our glamourous Good Fortune Horseshoe Bracelets. It may sound too good to be true, but we can tell you it's definitely not! 

As you may or may not know, we are an award winning, family run business & we've been busy selling horse gifts online since 2001.  This is probably the first time you've come across us, so rather than tell you how wonderful our products are, we thought we'd put another one in your hands so you can be the judge!  

Our Good Fortune bracelets are very popular for the fashionistas out there, with many people choosing to wear one for a touch of equestrian style, and luck for the day ahead. There really is a colour for everyone - we have 15 stylish colourways for you to choose from so whether it's pastels, dark hues or contasting pops of colour you love, you can be sure we have a colour for you.

We usually sell these for £10.99, but now they are completely free to you. All we need you to do is pay a postage contribution of £2.99 and your bracelet will be on your way to you in no time at all! Simply pop your email address in the form below then check your inbox for your very own coupon code!

Now all that's left is the choice of colour...Enjoy!


*** Promotion limited to one free bracelet per order. ***