Here's some more detailed instructions and some extra design ideas for your Loomband Browband Kit.  If you need to order a kit, click here.   Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a tutorial video.



1. Measure an existing browband that fits your pony so that you can check how long you need to make your loom band browband. Deduct 10cm from the length to allow for the browband ends and write down how long the loom band section of the browband needs to be.

2. Choose what colour loom bands you want to make your browband with. We think the fishtail design looks great with 3 alternating colours.

3. Take your first band, twist it into a figure of 8 shape and place the 2 loops so it stretches between your index and middle finger

4. Put another band on both fingers but don’t twist it

5. Put a third band on top of both

6. Take the hook, grab a loop from the first band, pull it to the top and stretch it onto the third. Do the same for the other loop.


7. Add another band to the top of your fingers

8. Take the hook, grab a loop from the band at the base of your fingers and stretch it onto the top band. Do the same for the other loop.

9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until the browband is the correct length (see step 1)

10. Loop the ends of the loom band strip over the studs on the browband ends and then close the browband end by pushing it onto the stud to close it.


11. Attach the browband to your bridle and wear with pride :)


Here's a video tutorial of how to make the basic fishtail design: